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My story about the origins of Urbn Gardn

On a typical Saturday afternoon, I stood on my balcony in Brussels, surrounded by an assortment of plants haphazardly placed on the ground. My goal was simple: to create a little space for my (then 3-year-old) daughter to play. But every attempt to move a pot only seemed to emphasize how inefficiently we were using the available space. As I watched my daughter make her way through this green 'maze', I realized that the solution was not to reduce greenery, but to organize it more intelligently. This insight led to the creation of Urbn Gardn.

I searched Instagram and Pinterest for solutions that are both design and suitable for outdoor use, modular, but did not immediately find anything. The market seemed saturated with off-the-shelf solutions that offered neither the aesthetics nor functionality I was looking for. This is when I decided there had to be a better way, one that not only increases visual appeal but also takes the versatility and sustainability of outdoor design to a new level. Thus, Urbn Gardn was born, out of the need for a product that ticks all the boxes: strong, high quality, modular, and adaptable to uneven surfaces.

Garden Small Terrace
Patio Small Garden with BBQ

At Urbn Gardn, quality comes first. Urbn Gardn is designed to stand the test of time, made from materials that are not only strong but also able to withstand the variable conditions of outdoor life. Each piece is an example of craftsmanship, with attention to detail that ensures seamless integration into any outdoor (and indoor) space.

Modularity is another core feature of my approach. I understand that no two outdoor spaces are alike, which is why I designed Urbn Gardn to be completely customizable.  Urbn Gardn's modular construction can be adapted and redesigned to perfectly suit your specific space and needs, whether it is a spacious terrace or a modest balcony.

In a world where outdoor space is often limited, Urbn Gardn offers the perfect combination of design, quality, and functionality. Our goal is to transform every outdoor space into a vibrant, green environment where design and sustainability go hand in hand. With Urbn Gardn it is now easier than ever to create a personalized garden that meets all your wishes.

Urbn Gardn tackles this problem of space management by introducing modular garden solutions specifically designed for urban outdoor living. Urbn Gardn is optimized for compact spaces, allowing apartment residents to transform their balconies or small terraces into green, vibrant spaces without the need for wall mountings (i.e. Urbn Gardn can 'stand' independently - there is an option to fix the Urbn Gardn on a wall). The modular designs offer flexibility in setup and can easily be adapted to different room sizes, maximizing the usable floor space. This approach allows users to enjoy a greener environment while maintaining and even improving their living space. Urbn Gardn focuses on promoting urban greenery by providing practical, stylish, and accessible garden solutions that enrich city life, without the usual restrictions of city life. 

Small Balcony Garden
Small Balcony Garden
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